Information regarding Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are very popular with women in the 21st century. They help women to easily change the way they look, by enhancing the length and appearance of their hair. They may be available in a wide range of color, length plus quality. They can also be very expensive or even highly affordable. The hair extensions are utilized by women of all ages, starting from teens to elderly women. Nowadays, ladies can even opt for hairpieces made from real human air, obtained from women across the globe.

The different types of hair extensions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on their features, you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. Also, you have to consider whether you are looking for a temporary or a permanent hair improvement solution so that you can easily narrow straight down your search. Some of the popular hair extensions plus their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1 . Clip-In

The different advantages and disadvantages of clip-in extensions are as follows:


It is possible to place them in the hair, or take them out, as they come with headbands (clips);
No professional placement is needed;
These are ideal for special occasions as they can be instantly placed;
They are the most economical extensions.

The hairstyles that can be done using these extensions are limited;
They can lead to hair-loss and they do not last long;
You will find not natural and are very firm;
The clips (headbands) are very noticeable.
2 . Sew-In

The different advantages and disadvantages associated with sew-in extensions are as follows:


They cause no damage to the hair;
They look very natural;
They may not be very noticeable and they provide good volume.

They can get tangled if not properly maintained;
They can cause pain during the initial days after positioning;
They require weekly retouching.
3. Fusion

The different advantages and disadvantages of fusion plug-ins are as follows


When positioned one by one, their movement is similar to organic hair;
They are very difficult to be observed;
They look very natural;
When applied with keratin they do not harm hair;
They help in increasing the length and volume of hair;
They can be was used to getting almost all types of hairstyles.

Their particular application lasts only a few hours;
They can only be applied and removed with a professional as there are special tools that are needed to be used;
They require a lot more care than other hairpieces;
There are a lot of precautions that are needed to be taken, while taking a bath with these extensions.
4. Tiny Ring

The different advantages and disadvantages of tiny ring extensions are as follows


They do not damage the hair;
They appearance very natural;
They offer natural hair movement;
Hairstyles that can be achieved are limitless because they are natural.
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They may not be recommended for those with very short hair, because the micro rings turn out to be very noticeable;

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