How to pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Your wedding day ring is probably the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever own. It is also something you will be wearing every day throughout your life so you need to make sure you will be comfy wearing it. Choose something that caters to your style and your personality, that is classic and high quality as well as within your budget. The traditional plain gold band will be in fashion for years to come and will never date but there are many alternatives available in case you prefer something more unique plus individual.

It has only been over the last 50 or so years that grooms have been wearing wedding rings. Typically it was only the bride who wore the ring as a symbol associated with eternity, everlasting love and commitment. Now most weddings in the UK have bride and groom exchanging rings while they will exchange their vows. Some married couples like their bands to be in the matching material and style yet this is not essential. It is also common to get brides to choose a wedding ring which usually matches their engagement ring. Ideally they need to compliment each other and go jointly fit wise but there are simply no strict rules that the materials ought to be the same.

Yellow Gold, White Gold or even Platinum?

The materials of which wedding ceremony rings are made of have improved over time. However , the most popular are still those manufactured from classic 9ct yellow gold or 18ct yellow gold. Gold has a timeless charm and if looked after well, a piece of precious metal jewellery can last you a lifetime. Wedding ceremony rings made from 9ct white precious metal or 18ct white gold may also be gaining popularity. White gold bands are usually cheaper than platinum wedding bands but white gold still appears very contemporary and modern. Platinum is a very suitable material for a music group as it is durable and hardwearing and therefore will endure wear and tear for a long time. Platinum will not tarnish or discolour as it has no surface coating to put on off, this is why it is ideal for producing fine jewellery such as wedding bands.

Wedding Ring Style

When it comes to style as well as more options available than there are for your choice of metals. The shape of the music group itself is known as the profile plus amongst the most popular are d-Shape wedding rings which have a traditional rounded look with a flat fit inside contrary to the finger. Court bands are curved on the inside and outside for a much more comfortable fit. Comfort fit or occasionally called flat court wedding bands have a contemporary flat look using a comfortable court fit on the little finger. Flat wedding rings are smooth on the top and inside and have an even more modern look. Wedding band widths generally range from about 2mm to 10mm and you have a choice of lightweight, medium plus heavyweight. Your choice is completely down to personal preference and whether you want the ring to look heavy and chunky or delicate and dainty. Your ring can also be finished with an extremely polished shine or with silk or matt finishes.

People used to say that the cost of the ring should be 2 months salary. The most important thing is to try to stay within your budget, regardless of if it’s 2 months salary, 2 weeks salary, or 2 years salary.
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Your ideal ring has a great significance and really should be worn for it’s meaning rather than it’s monetary value. The best way to determine value for money when buying your wedding rings is to compare the weights from the material used. Buying your wedding jewellery online will allow you make great savings as online retailers don’t have the massive overheads of high street shops. Have got your ring size measured properly. Most high street jewellers will happily do this for you without cost. The ring you select should not fit too tightly as your hands will get bigger in hot weather. Equally the ring should not be too loose that it slideshow round on your finger as you may turn out losing it. Rings can continually be stretched if need be in the future yet attempting to make a ring smaller may leave the band with a participate in it. Ensure that your wedding rings come with a guarantee and are covered by an initial money back guarantee incase you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase when it arrives. Finally, keep your ring is hallmarked.