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Take note that this job search guide had been prepared for those searching for jobs within Ontario – however , most of the tips are relevant to job searchers in other Provinces and Countries.

It is our view that the process involved in finding the right job involves at least four important steps.

Identifying your key strengths and interests (if you are located in or around Mississauga or Hamilton, feel free to give us a call. Otherwise, call the local college – you’ll be surprised in the assistance you’ll receive).
Determine which career to pursue based on your own strengths and interests (again, college counselors can help you with this).
Make sure you have the necessary skills/education.
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To begin your for a program offered by us or any other college, go to the “Programs” tabs on our website and select the area of study you wish to learn more about.
Execute your job search. We created a Job Search Guide for our association – the Ontario Association of Career Schools – you will find the link to the full review in the body of this article. The job search procedure is not an easy one and should be considered a full-time job – however , it really is worth your time, as it will pay a person back ten-fold over the years.
The focus of our own job search guide is on step 4. Execute your job search.

one Resumes, References & Cover Letter

Almost all job searches require candidates to start with, at minimum, at resume and in most cases a cover letter and references.

Although it is unlikely that a job application alone will get you a job; an excellent resume can help you get to the job interview stage. A resume should inform potential employers enough to make them eager to meet you; however , remember that in many cases, employers will have many resumes to review so it is important to keep resumes succinct.

The links contained on the Um. A. C. C. website (click here ) contains a plethora associated with tips, tricks and examples of effective resumes, cover letters and research forms. Choose one that best fits your own personal style and take into consideration some of the following tips:

Personal content: Steer clear of mentioning anything personal that is not related to the job including your date of birth, health status and Social Insurance plan Number.
Paper Choice: The secure choice for paper colour is always white or off-white. Avoid shiny and unusual colours and, if possible, try to use high quality bond document. When printing, laser printers nevertheless produce best results and always select a type style and dimension that are easy to read.
Photos: The use of photographs is not recommended unless specifically requested.
The Final Check: Have at least one family members or friend member proof read your resume to ensure 100% accuracy and correctness.
2 . Job Research Resources:

One your resume can be complete, you are ready to begin your work search. There are two primary methods:

The advertised job market

This is the most common resource used by people looking for careers. The benefit of searching for a job that has been advertised is that there are MANY places students can search. We suggest you start your by going to the websites listed in the following desk. In addition , you may wish to search within your local newspaper’s classified section. Backlinks below also contain very beneficial information on resumes and other job lookup techniques.

The link to the O. A. C. C. website contains links to several websites which advertise job opportunities.

The hidden job market

According to several job search experts, up to many of these of all jobs are available through what is known as the hidden job market. The hidden job markets are jobs that are not advertised. Rather, they are jobs that are circulated through managers’ network of co-workers, business associates, friends plus acquaintances. Accessing this market should be a key element of any job search.

three or more. The Interview

Rather than “re-inventing the particular wheel”, we refer you to the hyperlink below which we believe is a good guide to preparing for your interview, what to do while being interviewed and how to followup. Some of the websites set out in the Job Search section above also consist of interview guidelines. Click here.