Empire Business and Marketplace Ministry

What exactly is Kingdom Business?

First, I like to state there is a distinction between an Alfredia business and a Kingdom business. What exactly is that distinction?

For starter, any Christian can be in business and many instances that’s just what it is, an Alfredia in business. Most entrepreneurs start companies so they can generate a profit and long lasting wealth for themselves, including Christians.

There’s nothing wrong with this viewpoint at first glance. However , this type of view can give us a tunnel vision for our business. It can also carry the possible dangers of fueling our own greedy nature and make us lose perspective in the event that our business truly belongs to God.

As born-again followers and servants of our King Jesus, all of us do not simply run a business like any other organization. In other words, the company we all own and run is not solely our own. Everything we have actually are part of our King and we are mere stewards here to further His Kingdom.
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Simply put, a Kingdom Business is any entity whose main objective is to utilize gains from doing business in the marketplace to further the Kingdom associated with Jesus Christ.

What is a Marketplace Ministry?

Now that we have a better understanding of such a Kingdom Business is, I would like to address what a Marketplace Ministry is.

To put it briefly, Marketplace Ministry is God’s strategic plan to reach our world for Jesus through our work or company. Ministry takes place outside the four walls of our church. We spend many countless hours a week in the workplace and how we all spend our time should matter.

Many of us Christians often feel unattached from the true reality of Sunday worship when compared to the daily grind of our regular work week. We now have a hard time when it comes to the integration of our own faith and the business world.

Christians, the same as anyone else, spend most of their amount of time in the marketplace. Our marketplace ranges from home, business, and community. It’s basically wherever we are engaging with others.

God desires to use Christians as a living testimony to reach those who are lost and don’t know Him. We are The lord’s people whom He chooses for instruments of change in a fallen and corrupted world.

Why Construct An Email List?

Some Christians are reluctant to build an email list due to the fact that it can feel really pushy and self-promotional. It feels a lot more like marketing and much less like ministry.

The biggest plus worst mistake you can make with your online business whether it’s a Christian one or or else is to not develop an email list. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “The Money is in the List” before? This is true even if that is a non-profit service. By the way, the purpose of any kind of business is to earn a profit.

Well, let me back up just a little bit. Difficult so much as “The Money is within the List”, but as an Alfredia building a Kingdom Business and getting your ministry to the marketplace your email list is the best way to match your audience. Also, an e-mail list will be your most valuable resource as it’s the only thing that actually belongs to you even if you have absolutely nothing to sell it’ll allow you to communicate with your own subscribers directly.

It’s not a system that belongs to the proprietors such as all the social media marketing platforms. For example , if you were to create a bunch of followers on Facebook or Twitter but never capture their email, how will you contact your audience if the platform bans you or the platform no longer exist?

When To Build An Email List and Who Should Be On Your Listing?

When? – An old Chinese saying reads “The best time to grow a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. ”

That? – Most people or “your tribe” if you will, do not provide their own email address to just any person, so if somebody gets on your list, they have currently shown that they know, like as well as trust you to some degree already and people are the ones you want on your list.

Building an authentic email list will require you to recognize the needs of your customers and simply fulfilling that need. These are the individuals you are building your email list for.

How To Build an Email List

To start the list building process you’ll need to create an account with a list management support, such as Aweber, GetResponse, or Mailchimp.

Alternatively, you can go with a self-hosted autoresponder if you are more tech-savvy. I actually do recommend Aweber as I find it probably the most user-friendly in my opinion.

The most basic way to attract someone to fill out a subscriber form so that they can get on your email listing is to create an “Opt-in Freebie”. The opt-in freebie can be just about anything you want it to be such as, an eBook, Free Report, Check List, the “How To” guide, etc . just so there’s some perceived value there.

You would present your explicit opt-in freebie in the form of a webpage or even pop-up box. This is your honest bribe if you will, in exchange for a person’s name and email address. After the subscriber is on your list, you deliver what you promised them.

We all do this by way of setting up an autoresponder. This can be easily done through your list management service. Remember to keep your follow-up messages or newsletter relevant to your offer and mission.

Your next stage is to secure a professional autoresponder accounts of your own, so that you can begin to build to an email list for your Kingdom Business and Marketplace Ministry.

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