The Best Way to Play Hard to Get – Follow the Rules For the Best Results

Do you know the best way to play hard to get? Are you following the rules for the best results? Do you know how to capture a man’s interest and keep it? Playing hard to get seems to be a lost art. With modern times, women chasing men became socially acceptable. While acceptable, it isn’t the best way to go about capturing a man’s interest and his heart. If you really want to capture a man then you should learn the best way to play hard to get for great results.

Start by getting his attention.

You want to walk into the room with confidence, buoyancy, and positive energy. You may need to work on becoming a more confident and positive person. This is sure to draw his attention and keep it on your first encounter.

Wait for him to make the first move.

You can feel free to talk to him, flirt with him, and even exchange numbers. However, you need to make sure that you wait for him to ask you out or for him to be the first one to call you. This is the part that is important. You want him to chase you and not the other way around.

Make a date.

You want to make a date when he asks and when he calls. However, you need to make sure that you hold on to any plans you already have. Don’t jump on it and change your plans. Instead, politely let him know you have plans and aim for another day.

Show him who you are.

You want him to know who you are. Show him that you are pleasant, fun, and even smart. You want to keep things light and easy rather than deep. You also want to make sure that you keep the conversation pleasant. Your aim at the end is to have him feel lots of pleasant emotions.

Remain a little mysterious.
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You want him to have a reason to get to know you more. To do this you will want to remain a little mysterious. Don’t lie. Don’t hid the truth from him. Instead answer his questions, but leave room for more rather than giving him the whole story at one time.

Remember your timing.

In playing hard to get the most important aspect is timing. You need to let him know that you are into him, but still not chase after him. You want him to do the chasing. This means you need to keep him interested and keep him believing that his goal is achievable.

If you are wanting to get a man then you want to learn the best way to play hard to get. If you follow these rules you will have the best results. You will want to give it some time and remember that in the end he has to feel like he can win you over by winning you over!

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