Here are some tips to assure Lower Your Car Rental Costs

With the high cost of car rental, the price may also be no longer worth the convenience. Sure, the rising price of gasoline in the pump has something to do with high car rental fees. But what most of us don’t know is that most of what’s in your leasing bill is due to hidden charges. These charges can actually contribute to half of what they charge for your bill.

Most rental car agencies won’t tell you this, several of those hidden charges are optional. You can save money by having them taken out in your car rental bill. We’ll explain to you what these hidden charges are, what they mean, and how you can speak your way out of them.

* Airport terminal taxes and surcharges is what car rental agencies charge you extra for the convenience of picking up your rental car at the airport. This extra service can actually figure to 10% of your total bill. The main reason they charge you more when you want your vehicle bought to the airport is because of fees and concession fees. Car rental companies have to pay concession fees to the airport terminal management every time they bring a rental to the airport. The agency also has to pay business taxes to the local government for doing business at the airport.

Most airports and some rental companies have free shuttle service with set routes. To remove this hidden charge from your car rental bill, take advantage of this free service and just have your car dropped off at a location away from the airport. That way, the car rental reduces cost and you don’t get charged extra for their service.

* Collision Damage or Loss Damage Waiver is the extra $10-$25 you have to pay per day in order to avoid liability for any damage on your rental car, provided that the damage wasn’t caused by gross negligence.

Most auto insurance and credit card insurance cover rental cars as part of their standard coverage. Check if your own insurance company covers rental cars and if they are doing, have the Loss Damage Waiver taken out. You’re just wasting money if you are paying for collision damage on top of your normal insurance.

* At first glance, gasoline charges seem like a great idea. Imagine getting your rental car with a full tank. You don’t need to visit gas stations along the way and you can return the car with an empty tank if you want to.

Nevertheless , most car renters can’t totally consume a full tank of gas. You won’t get a refund if you don’t use up all your gas but you could get penalties added up to your bill. It can still cheaper to gas up your own rental car you only have to pay for that amount of fuel that you need.

* In case you drop of your rental car at a various location from where you picked up, you may get charged with a drop-off fee. Drop-off fees vary from state to state. Some states don’t have drop-off costs while some have fees that can proceed as high as $1000.

So as much as is possible, return your car at its first pick-up point. If it’s not possible to return your car back in the same place, search for drop-off places where the fee will be minimal.

* The early return fee is something that car rental agencies charge you when you return your car too early. A car rental company can charge you $10-$15 per day for early returns. If you want to find out more info about alquiler de carros en pereira look at our own page.
And if that’s not enough, they’ll also swap out your rental rates. Instead of charging you their weekly rate, they’ll ask you for their daily rate. Not only do you need to pay for your early return charges, you have to pay for that rate difference too. In order to save yourself from paying hundreds of dollars in fees, make sure you return your rental car on the precise date stated in your policy.

The majority of the hidden charges that car rental businesses add to your bill are due to penalties for breaking your rental policy. This is why you should read plus understand your rental policy before signing the contract. Ask your vehicle rental company to make sure you have everything covered in your contract. By knowing everything there is to know about your plan, you’ll be able to avoid any penalties and maintain your car rental costs at a minimum.

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