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Another way you can learn telepathy is crystal ball reading. Some people have great good fortune with this type reading in a very short time of time. It is believed that when doing this type reading, the crystal basketball acts to concentrate the readers clairvoyant energy. People who are learning telepathy through crystal ball reading do not have to use an actual crystal ball. There are many different objects that can be used and will be very effective, depending on the individual. These include shiny quartz, polished metals, clear water, hot embers, a cup with water and the internal parts blacked out or just about any kind of shiny surface. It really are depends upon what person and what they feel preferred with. Be aware that whatever object is used, does not have any power of its very own, all the psychic power comes from the individual doing the crystal ball reading. You should attempt and use the same object when you begin to learn telepathy. You will impregnate the object with your psychic energy and this can make future readings much easier.

If you do choose to practice crystal ball reading having an actual crystal ball, there are certain things you should do in the care of the crystal ball. You should not allow others to utilize the ball or even touch this. This is so they do not scatter your own psychic energy or contaminate this with theirs. You should also keep the crystal ball covered and put away when not in use and in general treat it along with respect like you would any valued tool.

When you start to learn telepathy, you need to do it with expectation and be completely serious about it. If you are doing it within a joking manor the results will not be presently there. As you start reading it is best to get it done alone or with others which can be highly supportive of you. The lighting in the room should be indirect light with it at your back. Whenever reading you should not strain your eye, but have a steady, relaxed gaze. It is okay to blink, but maintain your gaze. Some people when they are crystal ball reading like to cup their hands and create a canal that they look through.

You may start getting results from the first time you attempt crystal ball reading, but usually it will take 6 or more try’s before you start having the slightest of results. As you learn telepathy – crystal ball reading through, the first signs that it is working is really a slight milky mist you will see in the crystal ball. Next you will begin to notice faint outlines of faces, panorama and slowly these images will become clearer and clearer. As you continue your reading you will first discover images of things that you are familiar with, these will not provide any brand new useful information. Second you will begin to see images that are familiar to other people you know, these images might or may not add new information. Third you will start to see images from the past, present and future, these types of images will take on a telepathic character and can become very helpful in your life.

There are several other general guidelines one should stick to when you start to learn telepathy – crystal ball reading.

1 . Do the reading in a quiet room without interruptions. The room should not have any reflective surfaces, distracting colors and the area should be at a comfortable temperature.

2 . The crystal ball should be placed on a table and the bottom fifty percent should be wrapped in a black material. This will help to prevent outside reflections as well as make the images easier to see.

a few. When reading for the first time you should restrict the time to 10 minutes. The next time you can go 15 minutes, but keep to this amount of time for about 8 attempts. After this you may increase the reading gradually, but you should not do more then 1 hour.

4. When starting to learn telepathy, it is best if practices in the same place and at the same time of day every time.

5. If you allow others to be in the room with you they should remain quiet and not act in a distracting manor. They should also be sitting at least four feet away from you as you are doing the crystal ball reading.

6. When crystal ball reading you will start to see pin points of gentle, milky haze or a bluish colour. Keep practicing you are on your way and incredibly soon full images will start to appear. Do not be alarmed if sometimes the thing is something and the next time you see nothing, this is normal.

7. It can also be very helpful if some calming breaths are utilized before starting crystal ball reading. If you no the practice of pranayama that would be preferred.

8. Do not exercise crystal ball reading on a complete stomach or when you are hungry. It is far better if you take care of your health overall, this particular only helps in crystal ball reading through.

9. When you do start to see thoughts in the crystal ball, the images that appear closest to you are usually things that will happen in the near future and images that appear to be farther away may happen farther in the future.

10. When pictures start to appear it will be up to you in order to interpret them. This will take a small practice and skill. It is also helpful to write down what you saw for upcoming reference. As you continue reading you will become much better at the interpretations, based on the feedback you receive from the actual events.

Tend not to worry if nothing happens in your first attempt at crystal basketball reading. Think of it as learning to drive a car. Some people are very good, very fast and others have to take a driving test 10 times just before they pass.
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Each individual is different, but all people posses the ability to learn telepathy.

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