5 Important App Marketing Tips For Marketing

Creating a brand is one of the most important things you can do for your app or apps business. The reason why? Just look at the success of Angry Birds brand, valued at over $1. 2 billion. It’s not the Angry Birds game that keeps the value… the value is in the brand name.
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The brand is the reasons why Irritated Birds have been able seal entertainment and merchandising deals, launch extra apps and exponentially grow their particular business. So how do apps such as Angry Birds and Clash from the clans build billion dollar brands? Let’s take a closer look.

1 ) Super-Targeted-Marketing

If you were to ask myself, what’s the one thing an app builder needs to do to ensure their application brand is successful, my answer is actually this: Only. Focus. On. Your own. Target. Audience.
What makes brands such as Nike and Red Bull therefore powerful is that they hone in on the specific target audience and these people turn out to be their advocates. There is no one-size-fits-all, and if you still think that your target audience will be anyone who owns a smartphone after that maybe app marketing isn’t your game? I’m only being honest.

2 . Use Media / Build Buzz

Talking about your app is important. But what’s more important is getting others to speak about your app. Spreading the word of your app brand is all about getting people to do the talking for you. I’m not suggesting that you hire a handful of backpackers to spruik your brand outside the local supermarket… What smart internet marketers do is build a compelling story around your brand. A story that individuals will want to share with their friends, family members and/or colleagues. A great story or even piece of marketing has the potential to go completely viral.

3. Look Like If you’re Worth Talking About

An important thing regarding building a brand is that you need to appear professional. Not like something that’s run out of your parents garage… even if it really is. This means you need a website, good product sales copy, brilliant graphics congruent together with your brand, and other potential marketing/branding mediums, i. e. promotional videos, pr release, etc . ). The other day I saw a TV commercial for Candy Grind Saga and if that doesn’t scream “OFFICIAL” then I don’t know what does!

4. Become Consistent

Branding is about consistency. Sending out the same message through every single one of the channels. Any deviation from this principle creates a discrepancy in the eyes from the consumer. Be consistent in many methods from your copy, to the colours of your brand, slogans, etc . The rule of thumb is that given today’s economy, the marketing message has to be seen on 7 unique occasions by the exact same person (on average) he or she can make a purchase. Consistency in your information will ensure that your audience see the message enough times that they will actually download your app.

5. Build A Monster App

It goes without saying that if your app stinks then you’re going to have a hard time branding it. Your app needs to be something that people will want to come back to and use again, and again. The concept will not need to be completely unique, but it does need to possess a point of difference that issues. Looking at Hay Day by SuperCell. Here’s a game that almost completely copies every other social game accessible (DragonVale, Farmville, etc . ) yet its point of difference causes it to be something that your target audience can appreciate and relate to.

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